Dallas Cowboys: 2014 NFL Schedule Release

On April 23rd the NFL released NFL Schedules for the upcoming 2014 season for each team in the league, here is a quick peek @ the schedule from the eyes of me Louie Tee in the 5 Minute or Less format. Enjoy.

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Week 17 Game Picks | Inside the NFL

Michael Irvin, Boomer and Phil break down their game picks for the final week of the 2016 NFL Season.

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Seattle Seahawks 2014 Nfl Schedule Review [Seattle Seahawks Schedule]

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Seattle Seahawks: 2014 NFL Schedule Release

On April 23rd the NFL released NFL Schedules for the upcoming 2014 season for each team in the league, here is a quick peek @ the schedule from the eyes of me Louie Tee in the 5 Minute or Less format. Enjoy!

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NFL Week 7 Betting Preview: Picking Every Game Against the Spread

What up, homies! Week 7 is here. On today’s show, we’re previewing every game on the NFL schedule and giving our predictions against the spread. Let us know what you think of our picks in the comments below!

1:25 Week 6 Betting Recap
9:20 Predicting Titans-Chargers Against The Spread
16:30 Predicting Texans-Jaguars Against The Spread
22:25 Predicting Panthers-Eagles Against The Spread
29:45 Predicting Vikings-Jets Against The Spread
36:45 Predicting Patriots-Bears Against The Spread
47:00 Predicting Bills-Colts Against The Spread
55:15 Predicting Browns-Bucs Against The Spread
1:03:30 Predicting Lions-Dolphins Against The Spread
1:08:40 Predicting Saints-Ravens Against The Spread
1:16:35 Predicting Cowboys-Redskins Against The Spread
1:23:05 Predicting Rams-49ers Against The Spread
1:29:10 Predicting Bengals-Chiefs Against The Spread
1:34:45 Predicting Giants-Falcons Against The Spread
1:44:15 5 Teams Guaranteed to Lose

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Rapping the ENTIRE NFL week 1 schedule

The NFL season is here again and im expressing my excitement the only way i know how! so here is the ENTIRE NFL week 1 schedule in rap form.

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The NFL Schedule Gave Us This Strange Game Week 1 Before Hurricane Harvey!

The NFL Schedule Gave Us This Strange Houston Texans Game Week 1 Before Hurricane Harvey! – Coincidence? Leonard Fournette and the Jacksonville Jaguars take care of business in this game. Why was the public bettors so in love with Houston Texans in this game? JJ Watt and 2 unproven QB’s

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NFL Schedule 2019: How Many International Games Are There? What Are The London & Mexico City Games?

The NFL has announced there will be 5 international NFL games in 2019. Mexico City will host the Chiefs and Chargers in what should be a great AFC West game. Then there are four games in London. The Panthers will play their NFC South rival the Buccaneers and new head coach Bruce Arians. The Bear and Raiders will play in the Khalil Mack Bowl. The Bengals will face the Rams, will London get to see a Super Bowl champion? The Jaguars will play in London for the 7th straight year against the Texans.

5 International Games in 2019:
Chiefs at Chargers in Mexico City
Panthers at Buccaneers in London
Bears at Raiders in London
Bengals at Rams in London
Texans at Jaguars in London

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