For those of you who frequent the Twitch streams, you will know that I am a HUGE football fan, and I decided to do something a bit different on a recent stream… I go through each of the Divisions and predict the winner, the ranking, the 12 playoff teams, and the eventual Super Bowl champions

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ASMR Sports: 2019 NFL Playoff Predictions – (Whispered Football ASMR)

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Hello, Hello, Hello, and welcome friends! – to the NFL Playoffs, baby! In this video I will go through the playoff bracket and show you who I think will win this year’s Super Bowl. What do you think? You think I have a chance at being right? Who do you think will win? There are a lot of good contenders here!

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First and foremost, I whisper because I find it very calm and relaxing. but also to create ASMR.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is the name of the feelings that some people experience that consists of a strange, but pleasurable, tingling sensation in your neck area and down the spine when hearing certain soft sounds such as close-up whispering, brushing, or tapping or seeing certain calming visuals such as hand movements, or a combination like watch Bob Ross painting videos. ASMR is great to help people relax, become calm, study, and reduce stress and insomnia.

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2019 NFL Playoff Bracket, Super Bowl 53 Winner: Saints, Rams, Pats, Chiefs, Cowboys, Colts, Bears?

Who will win each week in the NFL playoffs? I break down what could wind down in all 11 playoff games of the 2018-19 NFL season.

#6 Indianapolis Colts @ #3 Houston Texans
#5 Seattle Sehawks @ #4 Dallas Cowboys

#6 Philadelphia Eagles @ #3 Chicago Bears
#5 Los Angeles Chargers @ Baltimore Ravens

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2019 NFL Playoff Predictions Show | FULL Playoff Bracket with Super Bowl LIII WINNER!

#NFL #NFLPlayoffs #SuperBowlLII — This is the 2019 NFL Playoff Predictions Show. I go through each matchup of the NFL Wild Card Weekend and take you all the way to Super Bowl 53 where I announce my winning team for SB LIII.

My Super Bowl Winning Team: New Orleans Saints

#Patriots #Saints #Chiefs #Texans #Ravens #Chargers #Colts #Rams #Bears #Cowboys #Eagles #Seahawks

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2019 NFL Playoff Predictions Bracket! Crazy Super Bowl 53 Matchup!

Here is my very weird and definitely unpopular NFL playoff prediction bracket. My indecisiveness definitely shines in this videos. My super bowl 53 prediction is definitely special haha. So enjoy my playoff predictions.

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