NFL Worst Rule Ever?

Jay and Steve discuss the NFL’s new Lowering The Helmet Rule. There’s a lot to discuss! Lowering the helmet is now considered a personal foul and is in place to reduce the risk of concussion. The rules are NOT very clear. What do you think of this new NFL rule? BE SOCIAL: INSTAGRAM – […]

Will the new helmet rule drastically improve the NFL? | THE HERD 8/13/2018

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Dan Patrick on the NFL’s New Helmet Rule: What Is a “Defenseless Receiver”? | 8/3/18

Dan Patrick and the Danettes discuss the Hall of Fame game and the confusion of the NFL’s ‘Defenseless Receiver’ policy. Dan Patrick,The Dan Patrick Show,Danettes,Sports,Audience,DIRECTV,AT&T,dp show,mclovin,perloff,paulie,paul pabst,seton o’connor,fritzy,todd fritz,mlb,baseball,NBA,basketball,ncaa,college,what time is the super bowl,Defenseless Receiver,Hall of Fame game,Ravens,Bears