LA Rams Play Overwatch with Pros – NFL Meets OWL

The Los Angeles Rams join the Los Angeles Gladiators to play Overwatch. Full VOD. Follow us: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Discord: Snapchat: @LA.Gladiators #ShieldsUP Follow the Rams: Twitter: Follow Chris Puckett (Host): Tweets by MLGPuckett Music: Los Angeles,LA,LA Rams,Los Angeles Rams,Rams,Kevin Peterson,Gladiators,LA Gladiators,Los Angeles Gladiators,Surefour,Silkthread,iRemiix,Hydration,UCI,UC Irvine,Summer Scrim,Scrimmage,Scrims,Livestream,Stream Highlights,VOD,Live,Overwatch,Overwatch pros,OWL,Overwatch League,dpei,Football,NFL,Jersey […]

The story of Los Angeles Rams QB Luis Perez

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Adam Schefter talks latest on Roquan Smith, Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, Jets QBs| Get Up! | ESPN

Adam Schefter joins Get Up! to break down rookie Roquan Smith’s contract with the Chicago Bears, provide updates on Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack’s contract negotiations with the Los Angeles Rams and Oakland Raiders respectively, examine the New York Jets’ quarterback situation with Sam Darnold and Teddy Bridgewater, and update injuries to New York Giants […]