NFL Takes A Devastating Hit On Opening Day, Thanks To Trump Supporters

We’ve been warning them for over two years, but the idiots who run the NFL didn’t listen.

The American people have demanded they stop the Anthem protests. Despite their “agreement,” entitled, spoiled players still insult our flag and veterans.

Right before the season opened, major sports brand Nike made infamous Colin Kaepernick the face of their company.

You better believe the NFL was involved in that decision.

Continued efforts to insult fans and patriots across the country have finally bitten the sport in the rear. Opening night was, simply put, a bloodbath.

From Deadline:

With only Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett taking to the bench in protest during the national anthem, when things finally did kick off on NBC just after 9 PM ET, it certainly didn’t seem to be the most inspiring game…

With a 13.4/5 in the metered markets, the post-midnight ending game is down 8% from last year’s kickoff of September 7, 2017. In one of the lowest season openers ratingswise and facing portions of a cable news-covered rally by a very NFL critical President Donald Trump, last night’s game is not only down from last year, but 2016, 2015 and 2014 – all of which saw successive declines.

The first games of the NFL should be gangbusters. Ratings should be climbing, not declining.

But because of the toxic decision by the NFL to back players who insult our country, fans are tuning out—especially Trump supporters.

We know that there are a few other factors that might impact ratings. But let’s be honest. Live sports have always been a ratings goldmine.

In an age when more and more viewers are ditching traditional TV, live sports have been the networks’ salvation.

You can’t get live coverage on Netflix or YouTube. Fans have always flocked to TV to root for their favorite NFL teams.

Not anymore. We are tired of politics getting in the way of our pastimes. And we are fed up with entitled, rich athletes insulting everything we believe in.

Don’t expect these numbers to improve. The NFL has chosen politics and hypocrisy over its fans.

Will they recover? It doesn’t look likely.

Are you going to be tuning into the NFL this season, or sitting it out?

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