New England Patriots Are Anti-Gun? (NFL & Politics Do Not Mix!)

The New England Patriots are anti-gun! Assisting March For Our Lives (Parkland Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Mass Shooting) with their New England Patriots airplanes, the told them the New England Patriots organization supports their anti-gun agenda. Including an assault weapons ban, no concealed carry, among other things.

The word patriot in the USA means freedom as our country was founded upon freedom. So to be a Patriot means to support individual freedom. Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots fall short of representing Patriots and our history when they threw their hat in the ring and proving they are anti-gun.

This is not about the national anthem or if people should or should not like sports. National anthem is a separate video. This is simply about the New England Patriots being anti-gun.

What organizations and businesses have you found are anti-gun in the past?


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